Month: July 2022

Say You’re Sorry (But Only If You Mean It!)

July 11, 2022

Say You’re Sorry! (but only if you mean it!) We often demand an apology from kids when they do something to another child. But what if they don’t mean it? What if they’re NOT sorry? What if they think THEY’VE been wronged? What if they’re still angry about what happened? Here are a few articles to further explain why forced...

Closet Full of Nothing My Kid Will Wear!

July 3, 2022

My son likes T-shirts and gym shorts in the warmer months, hoodies and sweatpants in the colder months. That’s it. Attempts to try different clothing in the past occassionally led to big emotions and power struggles, but I’ve learned from him that it doesn’t have to be that way. Daddy and Son Quality Time: Mall Addition. We had just celebrated...

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